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Orfeo ed Euridice

Opera in three acts by Christoph Willibald von Gluck
Libretto by Raniero di Calzabigi

Proposal for Opera America's Director-Designer Prize 2020

This is not a love story between mythic heroes, love (like opera) is only an excuse to experience our impulses as a full-fledged drama queen. We are interested in the vulnerabilities of the human body and a gravitas summoned by a deep desire for melodrama. 


For Orfeo and Euridice, their desire to encounter death is first and foremost sensual. They are bodies standing at the precipitous edge between the living and the dead. We imagined what it might be like to jump into Hades’ body and recognized that the journey to death and back should be one full of corporeal experiences.


Director: Peng Hsu

Choreographer: Jinglin Liao

Scenic Design: Salmah Beydoun

Lighting Design: Christine Ferriter

Costume Design: Xiyu Lin

Sound Design: Scott Goldfarb

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