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A hug between two friends who run away to the woods exhausted from a life they didn’t choose to live, rediscovering their very selves by letting themselves dwell together in silence.  Thus, it is the immensity of the woods and its fragrance, a lake of blue waters what secretly reveals to them something about the irreprochable process of their own existence.

Written and Directed by Eduardo Orozco

Produced by Colectivo Berenjena


Writter and Director: Eduardo Orozco

Cast: Verónica Bravo y Xóchitl Galindres

Narration: Luisa Huertas

Movement Direction: Arantza Muñoz Montemayor

Scenic Design: Salmah Beydoun

Lighting Design: Eduardo Carranza


Sound Design and Composition: Hugo Morales

Costume Design: Stephania Rodriguez

Makeup Design: Ariana Candela

Photo and Video: Montserrat Cattaneo

Set Construction: Alberto Orozco

String Quartet: Emily Jearim Hernández De la Paz, Karla Magali


Luna Cano, Victoria Sofía Gasca Guzmán y Emma Gabriela Pérez Ramírez.


Teatro La Capilla, CDMX.

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