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Created and Choreographed by Sofia Klass

Where does your imagination take you when you fall in love with a painting? (Un)Covered explores this question with one of the most iconic paintings in the world, The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli. From this painting emerges a strange and unique world where we explore the human form: its beauty and its strangeness. We ask, is beauty ever really attainable or is it just an illusion? We go inside the artwork and ourselves with a quest to learn how the Venus is in all of us.


Director and Choreographer: Sofia Klass
Text: Sofia Klass and Elizabeth Waller
Set Designer:  Salmah Beydoun
Lighting Designer: Christine Ferriter
Video Designer: Kathleen Fox
Costume Designer: Xiyu Lin
Original Music: Mana Contractor and McLean Macionis

Technical Director: Jake Siekman
Producers: Xiaoyue Zhang and Sofia Klass
Stage Manager: Diane Park
Video operator: Violete Sciole
Photographer: Joe Lambie
Performed and choreographed by: Lauren Gonzales, Shelby Lee, Jodie Mashburn, Mira Spremich, Kristin Tims, Elizabeth Waller, Aaron Wilson, and Madeline Wray

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