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Created and Devised by Colectivo Berenjena

Colectivo Berejena is a cultural project created in Mexico City by young artists, whose first play came to light for the first time in November 2016. Berenjena won the 1st Support for Research and Collective Theatrical Creation "La Vaquita”, thanks to the support of Vaca 35 Teatro en Grupo.

We started Asatia as an excuse to talk about our fears and the emptiness we feel when judging ourselves for not achieving the success we long for, always subjective and insufficient. We realized that this reflection arises from a much deeper and complex dilemma, inherent in the human being: the impossibility to live in the present. Our challenge was to take this discourse to its extreme through metaphor.  We immersed ourselves in a laboratory that involved sincere, brave and risky introspective work in search of the real engines that make us dedicate our lives to art, and the reasons for so much fear, frustration and hunger that is always unsatisfied.

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