Created and Directed by Rodrigo Correia

What happens when you travel to a place where people’s job is to make you happy while they are internally suffering? Something is wrong in what appears to be the happiest place in the world. They put on a mask to the outside world while leading seemingly normal and active lives, making their anguish into something they cannot hide anymore. 

  • credits

    Created and Directed by Rodrigo Correia

    Devised with Pricilla Chung, Jacqueline Cook, William Maizel, Nana Makharashvili, Joana Knezevic, Daniel Strausman, Jorge Figueroa Torres and Tom Zhang

    Produced by Rui Xu and Xiaoyue Zhang

    Scenic Design by Salmah Beydoun

    Lighting Design by Josephine Wang

    Sound Design by Martin Velez

    Costume Design by Xiyu Lin